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Current Projects


Tally is an app for tallying. Lists created in Tally are easily sharable and exportable in industry standards formats.


A homebrew operating system, written in C and Assembly.

Past Projects

Maine West High School

One of the three high schools in the Maine Township High Schools District 207.

Wordpress Plugin for the Westerner, the school newspaper

Every issue of the Westerner is available in print and, later, in digital. The production of the print issue relies heavily on Adobe InDesign, though the digital issues are published through Wordpress.

Post Generator from IDML allows editors of the Westerner to easily publish articles from the print issue.

Posters for Choir Department

GHIFARI160 is very into fine arts, so when the choir director reached out for a poster design, he took on the project without a second thought. Below, you can find all posters that GHIFARI160 have designed.

Band and Choir Spring Concert, 2018
Spring Choral Concert, 2018
Fall Choral Concert, 2017
Spring Choral Concert, 2017
Fall Choral Concert, 2016


In his short time as a features reporter for the Maine West High School’s Westerner, GHIFARI160 wrote the following articles under the byline of Ghifari Aditya

“Warrior Way - Mascot Has to Live by School Values AND Fire Up the Crowd,” The Westerner Vol. 58 No. 1, pp. 11


These projects were done as a learning process. None of these are production material. Use them at your own risk.


A digital signature pad. This experiment uses modern web technologies made available in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.